Installation Instructions

If you have trouble installing this app, please feel free to contact us at ,we will help you.

Before you install this app, make sure you meet the system requirement,

  • SharePoint 2013, any edition, on-premise or Office 365
  • On user’s computers, you have one of these browsers, Internet explorer 9+, latest FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome.

If you have on-premise SharePoint 2013, make sure you have apps setup and enabled,

If you are using Office 365 (Microsoft hosted SharePoint 2013), apps should be enabled by default.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: on your SharePoint site, on the site menu, click on “Add an app”


Step 2: Choose to search for apps from the SharePoint store


Step 3: search for the word “BlackCompass Visualizer” or “BlackCompass”, the store will find the app


Step 4: click on the icon, and click on the “Add IT”


Finally the app will appear on your site


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