Licensing FAQ

Q: How does licensing work?

Answer: When you download the app, a trial license for 30 days will be generated to your SharePoint farm. During this period, the app is fully featured for unlimited users.

After 30 days, you will need paid licenses to continue to use this app.

Q: What count as a user?

Answer: A user is any SharePoint user that will access BlackCompass Visualizer. So regardless whether you are designing graphs/visual columns or viewing graphs/visual columns, you are a “user” in BlackCompass Visualizer.

Q: Licensing costs and procedures

Answer: licensing cost depends on the following factors:

  • The number of users
  • Support or software assurance requirements
  • Implementation, training, or customization requirements

Depend on your situation, we will recommend the best licensing package and we may ask one of our partners from our partnership network to assist you.

Q: How are license seats allocated?

Answer: whenever a SharePoint user access the app (regardless of view or design), the app will check whether this particular user is licensed, if so the app will load normally. If this user is not licensed, the app will attempt to locate a seat for this user, given if there are more seats available.

If no seats are available, the app will display an error message to indicate the current user is not licensed.

Note the above mechanism is completely automatic, you do not have to manually assign licenses to users, some deployments have many thousands of users, manual assignment is not practical.

Q: How do I manage my seats?

Answer: The app include a page where an admin user (you must have admin rights to your SharePoint sites) can remove seats from users, in case of users have left the organization, and their seats can be freed up to allocate to other users. To access this page, load the app in SharePoint, click the link “License” top right corner, and click on “Seats Management”.

Note the seat allocation is automatic, you do not have to manually allocate seats (that would be too cumbersome). Seats allocation happens whenever users access the app, and it happens automatically. It is the seats removal you can do manually via the “Seats Management” page.

“Seats Management” is for freeing up seats only, once a seat is freed, the app will be able to allocate it as a free seat.

manage seats

manage seats 1

Note if you have an unlimited license, seats managements do not apply.

Q: How does licensing deal with sub-sites, web applications, tenants…etc

Answer: your license is issued against your domain (your URL). Typically, this means license is issued against your SharePoint farm for on-premise, and against your tenant for Office 365.

Your license is valid regardless of how many sub-sites, web applications you have. So in other words, if one user is licensed, it does not matter where this user access the app within your farm/tenant.

If you have multiple SharePoint farms/tenant, generally you have to purchase a different set of licenses.

Please contact us to start the licensing process, we generally will get back to you within 1 business day.

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