The item universe

The item universe is an interesting implementation of the item explorer, it is used to visually explorer a SharePoint list or document library. The item universe uses a simulated physics engine to simulate objects in a virtual universe colliding and moving.


The item universe has the follow features:

  • All item from the chosen list is visually represented on the page
  • Color coding is provided
  • The size of each bubble can represent a numeric property of each item
  • Filtering and grouping is provided, note sorting is not available in the item universe, since position is not ordered in the item universe

Here is an example (see below example live):


Here is an example of grouping applied and with labels (see below example live):


Negative values

By design, the size of each bubble cannot represent negative numbers. In case of negative number in the data, the visualizer will convert to its absolute number. For example, the value -100 will be converted to 100, then graphed.

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