The pie graph


The pie graph shows proportions. Each slice in the pie is automatically color coded (see below example live).


A few points about the pie graph

  • Each slice of the pie can only show a numeric value (otherwise comparison is impossible)
  • The pie graph supports live data updates from SharePoint, meaning when the underlying SharePoint list data changes, the graph will gracefully update itself

The pie graph has two rendering modes:

  • Render row by row – where each row in the SharePoint list is a slice on the pie
  • Render by grouping – where data is first grouped by a value, then each slice can be used to show the Minimum/Maximum/Average/Median/Sum/First/Last/Row Count/Unique values

Negative values

By design, the pie graph cannot represent negative numbers. In case of negative number in the data, the visualizer will convert to its absolute number. For example, the value -100 will be converted to 100, then graphed.

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