Visualize large lists

If you have a list with more than 5000 items, SharePoint will start to place limitations on some actions. This is very well explained in this Microsoft article

BlackCompass Visualizer can visualize large lists, in our lab, we tested scenarios where more than 500,000+ items are visualized. However, if you fail to configure your views and filters correctly, you may get this error.

list throttle error

The following situations will trigger the above error

  • You have a view where there are filter conditions, and the filtered result is more than 5,000 items. In this case, you will not see data in the view and you will get the above error message trying to visualize that view
  • You have private views. BlackCompass Visualizer will display the above error when visualizing private views on large lists

To load data successfully, ensure you have

  • A public view with no filter conditions. In this case, the visualizer will load all the data in the list, you can filter inside the visualizer after data are loaded.
  • A public view with filters, but the end result is less than 5,000 items. In this case, the visualizer will load the filtered items only.

Generally, filtering on large lists requires the use of indexed columns, refer to the above Microsoft article on how to configure large SharePoint lists.